Once Upon A Time

Bennett School For Girls
Millbrook, NY
October 2011

Several years ago, we were poking around upstate, aimlessly meandering on back roads, and found this crumbling building. At that time, we were able to get fairly close to it - now it's heavily chainlinked, and there are condos right up against the property line. The building is visible from a state road, but in order to get close enough for a decent photo, we went off-roading in the Mini.

Now known as the Bennett School, it was built as a hotel, and then turned into a women's college. It finally went out of business in the late 70s, and has been crumbling ever since. According to Wikipedia, and other sources, it's about to be demolished. The Urban Exploration Resource has lots more photos, including ones of the interior.

It's haunting me.





"Not decay, but maybe desuetude...?"

Warehouse, from the train
Hudson, NY
June 2011
photo (c) YourFireAnt

Warehouse, from the train
Hudson, NY
June 2011
photo (c) YourFireAnt


Working Boat

I love getting twitter mentions and emails with notes and photos:

Thought (most fondly!) of your interest in decay when I saw this yesterday.

Provinceto​wn harbor
July 2011
Photo (c) @granolasusan


Weeds Reclaiming

From the train, somewhere south of Albany, on the Hudson
June 2011
photo (c) Teresa Gilman


Save Me

Train Station
Millwood, NY
June 2011

The trains don't stop here
anymore. Save me.
I'm your history.


The Erie Canal

Yesterday's New York Times Magazine had an essay about rowing on the Erie Canal, replete with photos of decaying locks and crumbling buildings.

It's lovely, and makes me want to book a charter boat, so I can float through and see those locks myself.

Photo (c) Christopher Anderson/Magnum, for The New York Times


Corrugated Rust

Sea Wall
Port Washington, NY
February 2011
(thanks to Heidi who let me poach it!)


Clearly Revealed

"The Clearfield Shirt" sign, now visible on the glass panel of a door long ago painted over
New York, NY
May 2011