Orr's Island, Maine
August 2010


Anonymous said...

Lovely. It looks like a painting.

Anonymous said...

Soggy sandwich.

Nice shot. I'm drawn to those images, too. Also really industrial stuff. Even though I was born in CT, I must have Pittsburgh in my DNA.

alejna said...

Lovely boats.

I'm glad you're doing this! I'm drawn to these things, and the industrial stuff, too, like De. My photo library is full of peeling paint shots. I love looking at the crumbling old mill building around where we live. My all-time favorite place I ever went and took photos was the Volklingen Ironworks. There was rust and peeling paint at every turn.

Cathy said...

Interesting timing for the start of this blog. Did you perchance discuss this topic with friends on Harpswell Peninsula? A photographer for many years, George has a considerable body of work that falls into the decay & desuetude category. How kismet is that?

Also, desuetude is such a lovely word. I trust you dress as a tatterdemalion whilst pursuing things in desuetude.